Luxury Hotels & Resorts

Explore the world afresh with a stay at the most luxurious and upscale hotels across the globe. Staying at properties from these brands while discovering destinations around the globe, from coastal escapes to iconic cities will certainly enhance your travel experience.

There are 100+ luxury and premium hotels brands. Many of these are part of the most renowned hotel groups. Five of the big groups which either own or have partnered with majority of these brands are Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Accor & Hyatt. These hotels groups have some of the well know loyalty membership programs and reward their returning elite status guests with room upgrades, lounge access and much more. 

Luxury Hotels

Premium Hotels

There are many other luxury and premium brands across the globe. We are still in the process of researching those and digging deep to understand those brands and their quality of services better. 

Both luxury and premium hotels are full-service properties that provide the best crafted and memorable service to their guests. The major hotel groups like the ones mentioned earlier, also have several midscale/essential hotel brands in their portfolio. They can also be opted for at times when luxury and premium hotels are not available in certain destinations. We do recommend these midscale hotels in some of our itineraries either as primary or secondary options. 

When you stay at these luxury hotels & resorts, having elite status in their loyalty membership program will provide a lot of benefits depending on the tier of one’s status. Wondering which all programs you should register for, then you should check these 6 hotel loyalty membership programs which give you access to several of the above brands.

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